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Septic tank problems don’t just damage to property. A leak or broken septic system also poses a considerable health risk to you and your family. The foul-smelling odor, the bacteria built up leaking to the soil, and the water damage that occurs in your lawn; All of these are a big concern to any house owner.

Most common problems in septic tanks are easily repairable, especially if you avail of certified repair service like Burlington Pros; Still, there are times when a repair won’t cut it anymore. 

Septic tank replacement is a procedure that you should prepare for. Careful planning with licensed engineers and contractors is a must when you are planning on doing a replacement. File the necessary permits, careful designing of digging up your lawn, and even selecting the perfect septic tank that fits your needs.

With over 14 years of industry experience, our team has handled almost all major brands and types of septic tanks. Our plumbers and engineers are licensed and certified, trained to deliver the highest quality of service our company offers. We know firsthand when it comes to septic tank problems, a prompt response is essential. Our team is also knowledgeable and honest when it comes to tank replacement. They will carefully assess the situation first hand and bring you up to speed if your tank really needs replacing or it’s still repairable.

When Do I Call A Professional Septic Service Team?

A good rule of thumbs is; When you suspect something is wrong with your septic system, immediately call our certified experts at Septic Service Burlington Pros. Chances are, the longer you wait, the bigger the problem gets. As with any mechanisms that need regular maintenance and cleaning, the longer a problem is ignored, the more damages your septic tanks incur.

What’s great about our service is that we are available for emergency inspections, repairs, and replacement requests by our clients. Equipped with the latest tools and innovation in the septic tank industry, you are assured that your tanks are being handled by one of the best in Burlington.

But it is quite tricky to know when to call for professional help. Here are some obvious signs that you need a professional assessment of your septic tanks.

  • Your Sinks and toilets are backing-up: If water from your sinks and toilets are often backing up, it’s probably because of a blockage in your septic pipes or tank. Sometimes sludge that has permanently settled overtime on the tanks has narrowed the water flow and needs replacement.
  • Foul smell around your property: Odor coming from a leak in the tank is a strong indicator of a septic system that is about to fail. Small leaks are repairable, but if there are multiple holes and damages in the tank which weakens its integrity, a replacement is the only choice you have.
  • Health and lush plantation in your yard: Often overlooked, a greener pasture doesn’t always mean you have a green thumb. Sometimes, waste leaking from your tank acts as a fertilizer on the soil, enabling greener grass and plants. There are times where natural intrusion, such as roots of trees creeping out into a tank and eventually puncturing it, calls for a septic tank replacement.
  • Drains are unbelievably slow: Sludge from waste materials sometimes solidify around your pipe and septic tank. When this happens, the flow of water is narrowed down, thus resulting in a slower drain. If left unchecked, this change in your valves diameter increases pressure inside and causes leaks and permanent damage.

Hire The Pros!

No matter how good your cleaning and maintenance plans are for your septic tanks, they will reach the end of their life at some point in time. Every tank is still due for a replacement, depending on how well it was maintained. 

When the time comes, Burlington's people know that there is a septic service company that is both honest and responsible. A team that they can rely on 24/7.

Call us now for any tank replacement service request, and our team will make your dirty problem go away!


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