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Septic tanks that are not properly maintained through cleaning and pumping service can be problematic for you and your home. Regular cleaning and pumping help your tank in keeping satisfactory performance and long-lasting life. Aside from pumping out common waste, some septic cleaners often overlook one important factor; Removing sludge that are stuck at the bottom of your tanks. These contaminants over time can harm your tanks and cause damage like leaks and holes. That's why a professional cleaning and pumping company is always a necessity when talking about septic services. It would be best to have a trusted septic solutions provider with years of experience handling different types of septic tanks.

Septic Service Burlington Pros understands the urgency of having a septic tank cleaning service that is readily available. We cater to Burlington's people, providing 24/7 support in any septic problems that you may encounter. Our team of plumbers and certified experts are highly trained to perform cleaning and pumping service, whether for residential or commercial septic tanks.

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Our cleaning and pumping service won't just pump out your tanks, and our team will also clean your entire tank manually. This ensures that any leftover liquid and solid waste are removed. Another goal in cleaning out the septic tank manually is to allow our team to inspect the tank's inner workings. Through this process, our experts make sure that no damage occurred during the cleaning and pumping procedure. Another great benefit of this free inspection is that it gives our certified technician clues in finding out any potential risk that might pose a significant problem in the future. Our teams look for any decay, corrosion, or leaks to warn our clients before these problems go any bigger.

Once the cleaning is done, our team does one final look at the tank's integrity and structural strength, ensuring that it will still function correctly for years to come. Finally, we give our clients an estimate of how much liquid waste was extracted from their septic system. This helps our customers determine how frequent their tanks need to be clean and pumped. When it comes to keeping your septic tanks healthy, our experts would be more proactive in getting a professional cleaning service. Our experts would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about preventive maintenance.

How Often Should I Have My Septic Tank Cleaned

The answer to this question varies and is not the same for everyone. Factors that affect how often should you get your tanks cleaned are as follows:

  • Taking into account the number of people that occupy the house or establishment.
  • Checking how large is the volume capacity of your tank.
  • When was the last professional cleaning service? Typical tanks usually need pumping once every 3 years.

A tank's contents are often composed of 3 layers. The top part is composed of oils and grease, the middle part is made out of water, and the bottom part consists of solid sludges that settle there. A good rule of thumb of professionals when doing inspections is if the bottom layer of sludge surpasses ⅓ of the tanks' total volume, your tanks need pumping.

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Our team is readily available to answer any questions you might have and give you a fair quotation on our services. What are you waiting for? Call now and clean that dirty problem away!

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