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A septic inspection is a necessary process when you're purchasing or building a new home. A professional examination assesses the septic tank's current state, what damages or leaks it has and even estimates the tank's remaining lifespan. All of these are essential when you're either buying a new house, or you suspect that your tanks need repairs or replacement. 

When it comes to septic inspection service, our team is backed by 14 years of experience assuring our clients that our company has seen it all. Inspection of different types of tanks has made our expert be one of the leading inspection team, not just in Burlington but also in the industry.

Septic Tank Inspection: Is It Needed?

An inspection gives you assurance knowing that your septic system is working correctly and will run with no trouble for years to come. We always recommend that our client have a professional inspection of a septic system if they're planning to buy a new property.

For clients that already own a residential or commercial establishment and can't remember when was the last time their septic tanks were serviced, a septic inspection is highly recommended.

Sometimes, apparent signs indicate a problem you need to check; these are symptoms caused by leaks or damages in the tanks. Some signs are:

  • An unpleasant odor: If you notice a foul-smelling scent lingering inside your house, or coming from your sinks and toilets, it's time to get a professional inspection service to diagnose what's going on
  • Water backing up: If water is backing up from your sinks and toilets, it might be an indicator of a clogged pipe or a full septic tank. Often, a septic pumping and cleaning service will do the job. But there are instances when wasted, and contaminants have solidified in the pipes or tank which calls for a repair. Having an inspection is the only way to know for sure.
  • Puddles of water forming in your yard: This may be a sign of leaks in your underground pipes or septic tanks. It's a clear indicator that your tanks need servicing and inspection to figure out how far the damage is inside and outside the tank.

Septic Inspection, The Burlington Pros Way!

Our team utilizes a meticulous process and specific checklist when performing a septic system inspection. We understand that it is crucial to be keen on the details when it comes to an inspection. Our team rams through these steps to ensure our clients that we have covered everything:

  1. First is checking the type of septic tank installed and its current condition. This makes sure that our team is using the right tools for the proper septic system type.
  2. Next is checking parts of the tank like the covers. Are they damaged? Working properly? This tells our inspection team what parts might require repair service.
  3. Then, our experts double-check your septic system's pumps and motors to ensure the water is flowing smoothly.
  4. Once the pumps and motors our checked, our team inspects and observes the overall pipes and water flow, from the tanks into the house, up to the drain fields.
  5. Next is checking the distribution mechanism in the tanks and drain fields. Our team checks if any damage or deterioration has occurred.
  6. Lastly, once all parts of the septic system are accounted for, our team manually checks the tanks' inner workings. They take note of any damages, holes, or leaks to be scheduled for repair. They also contain any waste sludge that have solidified in the tank that needs to be cleaned.

What makes our team the leading septic solutions provider in Burlington is our meticulous inspection process. We specialize in all types of septic tanks, that's why our customers have the peace of mind knowing that these septic problems are being handled by the pros. 

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