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Disposing and cleaning Grease traps is a task that requires an expert that is vastly experienced and well-knowledgeable in this field. The grease waste needs to be both clean thoroughly and disposed of safely for us and the environment. Septic Service Burlington Pros makes a promise to provide our clients with high-quality cleaning and maintenance service of grease trap filters; To prevent odor, clogging in the sewers, and overflow of waste oils and fats.

Our team of experts can handle your grease traps from food businesses to giant industrial food processing plants. With our 14 years of experience in the field, our team has tackled different types and forms of grease traps. Our team will ensure that your grease traps are clean and working correctly; they will also help you pass regulatory inspections avoiding fines and issues. Once our cleaning service is done, wells set you up with a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule. This way, your business days will never be interrupted again.

Personalized and Responsible Service: Tailored For You

Concern for the environment has become a big concern when it comes to septic system services. Additional rules and laws were passed to regulate how grease and oil waste are being disposed of from grease trap pumping and cleaning. Our certified team knows precisely how to approach each customer's grease trap. From how often it needs to be clean to a personalized maintenance schedule depending on how often it is used.

Here at Septic Service Burlington Pros, we make it a habit to go the extra mile for our clients. That's why after every cleaning service, we provide a report that details all the aspects of the service. Things like the number of wastes and contaminants, the current state of your grease trap unit, and if your unit passes that standard of the regulatory commission. Our team even provides before and after pictures and videos of your grease trap to ensure our clients that our standard of excellent service was upheld during the procedure.

The Importance Of A Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Grease traps are now a necessity in every food processing establishment. Restaurants, food shops, and food processing plants all churn out waste oils and fats, which turns into a headache if not properly cleaned.

Here are some of the negative effects of a dirty Grease Trap:

The Smell

As with every waste container that harbors leftover foods and oils, a rotting smell can emanate from your grease traps if left unchecked. If improperly handled, it can cause a foul-smelling odour in your food business and might incur fees and health safety standard breaches.

The Damage

Grease or fats that are deposited for very long turns into sulfuric acid, which is very harmful to metal containers. This is one of the main reasons why it is imperative to have regular cleaning and maintenance for your grease traps.

The Sludge

Like any other sludge contaminants, the longer you leave oils and grease, the sticker they get. This turns into a sticky waste that is very hard to clean out, reducing your grease traps' volume capacity.

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With our dedication to providing a cleaner and safer place for the people of Burlington, we make it a commitment to provide the most honest and trustworthy septic services in our area. Call us today, and our enthusiastic customer support group will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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